Really cool articles found online - (List)

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People with ADHD Are Wired Differently –

The more we “see” the ADHD brain with neuroimaging, the more we understand how it works. Read this in-depth breakdown to learn about the latest discoveries and the most current research on the ADHD brain.

Stuck Between Two Worlds: Having a Brain that is Half Autistic and Half Neurotypical –

“I also have never had communication deficits and have had people comment on the fact that, for someone on the Autism Spectrum, I am amazingly self-aware and perceptive of what others think about me. I do not have any problem understanding facial expression or most non-verbal communication and I do generally have empathy for others. However, I have struggled with social relationships, emotional regulation, and can be sometimes inflexible in my thinking though I do not have the rigidity or need for sameness traditional in Autism.”

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